Friday, October 30, 2015

Timed writing #3

I Love Rosie is my favorite movie because it combines comedy, romance, and real life situations. The main character is Rosie a senior in High School, who with her best friend Alex is looking for a fun future. They have known each other since little kids, which makes them like brother and sister. Basically a strong friendship. Alex has more deeper secrets for his feelings with her, but is scared to admit it because he does not want to ruin that friendship.
Come prom night she has a wild night and ends up pregnant. This makes a complication with her future plans of her and Alex studying in Boston. After years they reunite and start feeling more love for each other, but to her luck he is getting married. Instead of coming between the marriage she sits through it all wishing she was the bride.
In general, this movie has a lot of mixed emotions and twist you would not see coming. It was a movie I have watched about 10 times, and always have loved it. I think Rosie is portrayed as a strong women and comes across some difficulties. Her daughter is the one that kept her working hard. The love of her best friend allowed her to see life in a different way.


  1. Your sentence structure is nice! I love your ending, just make sure to reread your sentences to make sure that the words flow.