Friday, January 8, 2016

self assassment

Some of the strengths I will use on the ACT are picking the reading passages that are the easiest for me. This would help me keep track of my time and not spend too much time on what I don't know. Also, not taking too much time reading the passages and just focusing on the main points. I will also not stress myself out and make sure I am ready for it. By this I mean having a good night sleep and feeling confident.

The areas that are most challenging for me are focusing on the reading. Often it takes me a while to process all of the information. I think I need to work on this because we are given a limited time. I also want to improve on the comprehension and practicing more before the actual ACT. I could do more independent reading and practicing by myself to achieve this.

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  1. One thing that could help with focus is look at all the titles of the short stories and pick the one that interests you the most to read first.